Fashion Sizzle Set To Debut “Fashion ” Podcast

Fashion Sizzle Upcoming “Fashion ” Podcast Debut


The Fashion Sizzle Team have been busy with event planning and producing for our  Fashion Sizzle NYFW Mens  Fashion Show  along with our coming NYFW women’s show . We are also working on our upcoming  release of our Fashion App which will debut in Sept during New York Fashion Week.

Another project that has been keeping us busy is working on our Fashion Podcast ” Conversations about Fashion”. To be honest we at the stage where we  are trying to figure out what our  podcast theme  will be. We are presently  brainstorming for future topics  and  show ideas.   So some of the things  that we are figuring out are  listed Below.

  • What  is going to be our main them and show concept?
  • What is  going to be our Name?
  • What things do you think no one else is saying?
  • What can  we cover better than or differently from someone else?
  • Whom can  we interview or invite to guest-cohost about the subject?
  • Should we just Focus on Fashion and or make our podcast topic broader
  • Who will be our Target Audience…

We wanted to do this post so that our process is documented ,  we are excited and cant wait for you to follow our journey and podcast.

Below are highlights from our recent NYFW Men’s Show . Also check out our Fashion Updates on our blog