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Chadwick Boseman Laid To Rest In His Home State Of South Carolina

Tweet Pint it Share Chadwick Boseman has been laid to rest in his home state of South Carolina. The actor known globally as the titular Marvel hero in Black Panther passed away on August 28 after a four-year battle with colon cancer. Now, Boseman’s death certificate has revealed details of the battle which he had kept quiet …


Letitia Wright Narrates A Lovely Tribute Video To Chadwick Boseman

Tweet Pint it Share Letitia Wright  took to instagram to honor her friend,  and  co-star and and on screen black panther  brother “ Chadwick Boseman, after his death was announced on Aug. 2 . Boseman  privately battled colon cancer for four years, and his passing prompted emotional messages from those who worked with him in Hollywood. Letitia, …


Lupita Nyong’o Pens Beautiful Tribute To Chadwick Boseman

Tweet Pint it Share Lupita Nyong’o Pens Tribute To Chadwick Boseman: ‘He Made Damn Sure His Life Meant Something’ We were shocked and saddened with the heartbreaking news of the passing of Chadwick Boseman after a four-year fight with colon cancer. The actor died in his home surrounded by his wife and family. In  Lupita Nyong’o’s message, she acknowledged …


Chadwick Boseman’s Final Tweet Is Twitter’s Most-Liked Ever

Tweet Pint it Share The final tweet from the account of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman  announcing  is death has become the most–liked post in Twitter history. The social media company’s official feed announced the news. The original message – posted on Saturday and confirming Boseman’s death from cancer aged 43 – currently has more than 7m “likes — Chadwick Boseman (@chadwickboseman) August 29, 2020


“You’ll Always Be Our King” – Marvel Studios’ Special Tribute To Chadwick Boseman

Tweet Pint it Share   Marvel Studios has paid tribute to  actor Chadwick Boseman, who passed away after battling cancer. “In African cultures we often refer to loved ones that have passed on as ancestors. Sometimes you are genetically related. Sometimes you are not,” the statement on Marvel Studios’ website reads. I had the privilege of directing …


Michael B. Jordan Pens Powerful Tribute To Chadwick Boseman

Tweet Pint it Share   One of the last times  actors Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan spoke, Boseman said they were forever linked, Jordan wrote on Instagram Monday. Jordan, who co- starred alongside Boseman in “Black Panther,” wrote a touching tribute to the late actor, who died last Friday  after being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. “I wish we had more time,” Jordan wrote in …


‘Black Panther’ Director Ryan Coogler Pens Emotional Tribute To Chadwick Boseman

Tweet Pint it Share   The Black Panther director Ryan Coogler shared a moving tribute, remembering the special moments he got to experience with Chadwick Boseman On Friday, Aug. 28, the actor died at the age of 43 after privately battling colon cancer for four years. Just like the rest of the world, Coogler said …


Denzel Washington Paid For ‘Black Panther’s Star Chadwick Boseman To Study @ Oxford

Tweet Pint it Share   Marvel’s “Black Panther” made history when it became the first superhero movie to be nominated for Best Picture during the 91st Academy Awards nominations on Tuesday morning. The box office hit, which made $1.3 billion worldwide, received a total of seven Oscar nominations. The star of the movie, 41-year-old Chadwick Boseman, may …