Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Join Black Lives Matter Protest In L.A.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez walked with protesters on Sunday in Los Angeles as part of a Black Lives Matter march.

The celebrity power couple joined Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors and a large crowd of protesters as they marched down Hollywood Blvd.

“We must take a stand for what we believe in and fight against the injustices in this world,” Lopez wrote in an Instagram post. “So we continue to peacefully protest until there is change.”

Lopez carried a sign that read “BLM #EnoughIsEnough” on one side and “Black Lives Matter” on the other side.

Rodriguez’s sign read “Let’s get loud for Black Lives Matter.”

“Los Angeles, we are proud to join you in peaceful protest tonight,” Rodriguez wrote on Instagram. “We are proud to walk alongside you, and to share in spreading such an important message.”

Nationwide protests have been taking place in cities across the US sparked by the ​police killing of 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis. Thousands of people have been taking to the streets demanding justice for Floyd, as well as an end to police brutality.