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NFL Pledges $250 Million To Fight Systemic Racism A Amid Protests Against Police Brutality

Tweet Pint it Share The National Football League (NFL) has pledged $250 million “to combat systemic racism and support the battle against the ongoing and historic injustices faced by African Americans.” The league issued a statement Thursday titled “Expanded Social Justice Commitment” to announce the creation of the 10-year fund. The announcement coincides with ongoing …


Roger Goodell Says NFL Was Wrong, Encourages Players ‘to speak out and peacefully protest’

Tweet Pint it Share NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday he and the league strongly support players expressing their opposition to inequality and police misconduct, saying the league’s leadership was “wrong” for ignoring players earlier and that it now endorses their peaceful protests. “We, the National Football League condemn racism and the systematic oppression of …